Aravalli Hills, Jaipur

Hills of Nahargarh And jaigarh

The Aravalli Hills is the oldest plateau range in India.

These Hill are the part of the edge of the Aravalli Hills, which overlooks a amazing city view of Jaipur in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It alongs with Amer Fort and Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort once formed a strong defense ring for the city.

Most Interesting thing is from here will get the flamboyant and glittering views of the nature, hills and pink city. In the evening, the sight would be enthralling, so spend some time at here and take the real feel of nature and peace. This is perched on the edge of Aravalli Hills overlooking the pink city.

How To Reach Here

Aravalli Hills of Jaipur is approximately 20 kilometres from the city railway station and bus stand. Since there is no public transport, hiring a taxi or renting a car for to & fro journey is the best and the safest option.

To achieve this destination there is one route . That could be a pakka asphalt road cut from Amer Road (Jaipur – urban center Road). It’s appropriate for buses, cars, autos and 2-wheelers.

Although, bikes withstand this road however the vertical road could be a challenge for all. The road cut from Amer road is a lot off ashionable and safer one. The rough road up to the fort is 8 kms long. It may well be coated by automotive, cab, taxi or 2-wheelers.

A walk from Kanak Ghati to this detination is promising of amazing feeling of life, vertical trek and view of Jaipur town.

Best Time to Visit It

Since Rajasthan could be a desert, the place is heat throughout the year. Throughout the rains and winters, the times area unit sunny with temperature go between 12-28 degrees C, however the nights area unit quite chilly with temperature falling to 5 degrees C. Therefore, it’s best to go to Aravalli Hills of Jaipur throughout winters and rains, from the months of July to March.

” There is non type of entry fee/ticket. And also no timing/time-limit to visit and spend time. But it is not so safe in darker(night). Because of it just like forest area. “

Other Nature Informations About Aravalli Range(hall Aravalli range over india)

The Aravalli Range is a barrier against the hot sands of the Thar Desert, blowing on to the Deccan Plateau in the south. A number of rivers originate from this range, inclusing River Banas, Luni, Sahibi, Sakhi and Sabarmati. (Dahiya. (2016). 

Plants: Deciduous forests of Khakhara, Khair, Modad, Salai and Timru cover these hills, with important medicinal herbs that can be found in various areas, including Amla, Guggal, Khadaya and Moosli. (Dahiya 2016). 

Animals: Animals such as the blue bull, fox, leopard, Indian pangolin, Indian civet, porcupine, sloth bear, star tortoise, striped hyena, and many species of reptiles, both venomous and non-venomous, can be found on these hills. 

Birds: Black vultures, white-backed vultures, storks, spoonbills and osprey.

Name Origin

The word, ‘Aravalli,’ originated from Sanskrit, meaning ‘a row of awl shaped hills, or, ‘a line of peaks,’ mostly due to the appearance of hill upon hill as one drives by, which stretches for kilometers on end.

Things To Do

Aravalli Hills of Jaipur is very wide spread among the visitors for its varied athletics, hiking and trekking expeditions. There are various teams who organise such expeditions for a fee.


The Aravalli Hills of Jaipur are ideally suited for trekking. Treks not only provide a unique experience of walking through the dense forests and lush meadows, but also present a spectacular view of the hills and the surrounding areas of nature. Furthermore, trekkers get the opportunity to visit a beautiful nature and a great feel of peace of life.

In Rajasthan, almost all trekking destinations are well connected by road. As it is. And this trekking destinations culminate in forts as most of trekking destinations, so in addition to enjoying the unspoiled beauty of the Aravalli Hills of Jaipur, trekkers get a chance to delve into the historical significance of Naharghar fort, Jaighar fort and Amer fort.

Skiing on The Aravalli Hills

Skiing is not available on the Aravalli Hills of Jaipur. (No snow)

Trekking Gear

Shoes: Most of the trek route is cobbled with stones, where as the remainder is small rough and stony. A combine of sports shoes with adequate artifact or trekking shoes area unit suggested.

Clothes: It’s undoubtedly higher to wear comfy cotton garments. Also, some ways area units lim and jam-packed with bushes, therefore it’s suggested to wear full sleeves shirt/T-shirt throughout the trek. Similarly, select trousers rather than shorts.

Water: don’t forget to hold a minimum of one metric capacity unit of water with you.
You should essentially have to be compelled to carry some food and all as these area have not any deal of restaurants and shop. All the area is forest and hills.

Nearby Attractions

Man Sagar Lake

Kanak Ghati

Elesphant Valley

Naharghar Forest


Ganesh Pol Gateway

Kanak Vrindavan Garden

Jagat Shiromani ji Temple

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