Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur

In side of the fort

Before Jaipur was Developed the capital of Rajasthan, the majestic city of Amer stood tall because the capital of the Rajpoot. The City was active with activity and markets within the 1600s. Nahargarh fort in conjunction with Amer Fort and Jaigharh Fort had shaped the defense to the then capital.

Nahargarh is developed on the Aravalli hills commanding a very beautiful looking lake. There’s a food court and a restaurant at the highest of the fort with a superb view, Padao. The fort currently is also home to the Jaipur wax depository and glass palace.

About Nahargarh Fort

One of the most important forts in Republic of India the Nahargarh Fort may be a charm of Rajasthan and its heritage. The fort holds an upscale and superb history with it as this fort beside two alternative important forts of Amber and Jaigarh shaped a powerful defense for Jaipur city. placed on world’s oldest mountain ranges, The Aravalli Ranges, Nahargarh Fort offers a spectacular read of the Pink City, Jaipur. Nahargarh Fort is so a jewel of the Jaipur touristry.

History and the Legend Of Nahargarh Fort

Rajasthan’s history is crammed with royal stories and majestic legends. in step with the historians the Nahargarh Fort was made as a retreat palace on the summit of ridge on top of the city in 1734 by maharajah Sawai Jai Singh II. The initial name of the fort was Sudarshangarh Fort that later modified to Nahargarh Fort which suggests The Adobe of Tigers. As per the History of Nahargarh Fort, it had for the protection of the city fortuitously the fort ne’er came beneath any attack throughout the course of history.

Legends has the fort was named when a Rajpoot patrician particularly Nahar Singh Bhomia. He was a Rathore patrician and therefore the land on that Fort was building by maharajah Jai Singh II was belonged to him. As per the stories, his spirit creat obstacles in building of the fort and haunt the world. To pacify his spirit Jai Singh designed a defence within the fort on the order of the spirit and therefore the fort was named when Nahar Singh. fascinating and spooky right?? to create your Culture and heritage come in Jaipur additional fascinating, we’ve got delivered to you a number of the rarest facts concerning the fort which is able to build your tour unforgettable –-

How To Reach Nahargarh Fort

There are 2 routes to achieve Nahargarh. One could be a pakka asphalt road cut from Amer Road (Jaipur – urban center Road). it’s appropriate for buses, cars and 2-wheelers. And, another route is sealed uphill path of 1 kms from Nahargarh Road.

Although, bikes withstand this road however the vertical road could be a challenge for all. The road cut from Amer road is a lot off ashionable and safer one. The rough road up to the fort is 9 kms long. It may well be coated by automotive, cab, taxi or 2-wheelers.

A walk to Nahargarh from Nahargarh Road is promising of city life, vertical trek and view of Jaipur town. guests are suggested to end their journey before even fall.

Timing Of Nahargarh Fort

It opens everyday from 10:00 AM to 05:30 PM. On Holi (Dulandhi) it closes for visitors.

Entry Ticket

Indian Tourist – 50 Rs

Indian Student – 5 RS

Foreigner Tourist – 200 RS

Foreigner Student – 25 RS

Entry Free On These Days

30 March Rajasthan Diwas

18 April World Heritage Day

18 May World Museum Day

27 September World Tourism Day

Most Significant Aspect

The abode of tigers has a tremendous read. Earlier it had been a lonely place with impressive structures and a couple of places to eat. how ever currently the fort is active with noise because of the recent gap of the glass palace and wax deposit.

The wax deposit has several well-known personalities as well as the likes of Amitabh Bachchan. The deposit at the side of the life like duplicate of the many national heroes conjointly has elaborate backdrops and well-designed sets.

The Sheesh Mahal was designed to honor the Mughal and Hindustani design. the importance of this glass palace is that the complete spaceis created from hand glass work. Sheesh Mahal in different elements of Rajasthan doesn’t have a glass floor. this is often what makes this a singular place to go to.

Things To Do

Nahargarh fort is very wide spread among the tourists for its varied athletics, hiking and trekking expeditions. There ar various teams WHO organise such expeditions for a fee. aside from that, the place may be a haven for life enthusiasts because the fort is home to the celebrated Nahargarh Biological Park.

Trekking Gear

Shoes: Most of the trek route is cobbled with stones, where as the remainder is small rough and stony. A combine of sports shoes with adequate artifact or trekking shoes area unit suggested.

Clothes: it’s undoubtedly higher to wear comfy cotton garments. Also, some ways area units lim and jam-packed with bushes, therefore it’s suggested to wear full sleeves shirt/T-shirt throughout the trek. Similarly, select trousers rather than shorts.

Water: don’t forget to hold a minimum of one metric capacity unit of water with you.
You do not essentially have to be compelled to carry any food as there area unit a great deal of restaurants placed in and round the fort premises.

Best Time to Visit It

Since Rajasthan could be a desert, the place is heat throughout the year. throughout the winters, the times area unit sunny with temperature go between 20-22 degrees C, however the nights area unit quite chilly with temperature falling to 5 degrees C. Therefore, it’s best to go to Nahargarh throughout winters and rains, from the months of September to March.

Nearby Attractions

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Nahargarh Biological Park

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